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We focus primarily upon companies with scalable intangible products and adjacent enabling (hardware) technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI field is evolving from Narrow to General and now Artificial Super Intelligence. AI is accelerating the Industrial 4.0 revolution as well as 

major advances in the security and defense sectors.

Quantum Computing

Next generational Quantum computers will develop significant advances in computing power for advanced modeling and problem solving in both real-world and cryptographic environments. 

Intelligent Robotics

Encompassing the wide range of technological advances in intelligent robotics, including applied machine learning, decision making, advanced vision, pattern recognition.

Space & Space Analytics

Commercial and dual-use space platforms, systems and analytics to provide big data insights for a variety of applications.

Large Scale Machine Learning

Unsupervised advanced deep learning applied to contextual analyses and domain-specific problems where multiple simultaneous and staggered signals are the norm.

Deep Learning

From recognizing cancer in blood cells and tumors in MRI scans, deep learning is rapidly becoming the ultimate goal of AI.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

As QC advances, post-quantum cryptography is addressing quantum resistant algorithms to regain the security edge. 

Computer Vision

As computer visions advances, deep learning around large data sets and convolutional neural networks are driving applications and use-cases in security, industrial and intelligence arenas. 

Collaborative Intelligence

 Solutions and technologies at the intersection of AI and enterprise collaboration systems, unifying a number of technologies to drive industry 4.0 from collaborative intelligence.

Soft Robotics (Robotic Process Automation)

From defense to industrial and bio-health applications, this emerging technology will improve human-robotic interactivity and process automation.


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