We invest at various stages and levels to extract value, with a clear focus on Series A, B and C funding.

We also actively support our investments post-transaction

We work in various ways and deliver results through the approach that best fits the situation. This frequently takes one or more of the following forms: Transformation teams, Interim management up to CXO level, skill-set augmentation project teams, and Non-Executive Board roles. In many cases our initial engagement starts in one mode and migrates into another as we deliver tangible results and our client’s business dramatically improves.


Early Stage​

Series A

Start-up to Scale-up capital

Series B & C

More mature companies looking to scale within or across industries, ideally both​​​

Tactical Opportunities

Ring-fenced investments targeted at a product with a combination of equity and royalties

Only as a follow-on to Government grants​


Requires Government entity collaboration


From CEO positions in multi-billion USD businesses to specific hands-on roles in small start-ups, our interim managers all have outstanding experience in their own domain of expertise.

Assignments typically have timeframes from 6 months to two years.


Skill-set augmentation is a critical offering for many of our clients in their day-to-day business for two key reasons:


  • Insufficient in-house capacity exists for one-off projects

  • New markets/technology/business challenges require skill-sets that are not present or cannot be allocated from internal resources without impacting on-going business.


We provide hands-on support in a variety of commercial, financial and technology domains.


We will generally take board roles, and our partners have had NED mandates that vary from large publicly listed telecommunications companies to smaller “start-up” organizations.


We also encourage clients to consider establishing Advisory boards where we feel this would add significant value in parallel to the traditional board structure.


We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.


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