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Common to all investment decisions: industry leadership, broad technology moat around the core assets and known demand.

All our investment activities are overseen by the Investment Committee, comprising Edge Fund’s senior and most experience leadership team. This provides a broad spectrum of skill-sets ranging from:



  • hands-on turnaround and growth experience,

  • start-up to billion USD turnover leadership experience,

  • strategic alignment with FVEY requirements, 




  • compliance and risk management. 



Very few investments will not have an immediate FYEV applicability; our goal in every investment is to exploit the disruptive edge in dual-use technologies – what we call optelligence.

01 / Strategic Insight

Through superior insight, we work closely with government agencies, academic institutions, and broader industry players to understand and validate the 5-10 year landscape in the technological areas we focus upon.

02 / Tactical Opportunities

Identifying, and supporting tactical opportunities, we support portfolio companies in leveraging synergies, navigating governmental procurement and exploiting new markets.

03 / Performance Improvement

Defining clear growth missions and tracking performance meticulously. We can assign PI professionals to ensure alignment between management and shareholder expectations.

04 / Risk Management

Looking for asymmetric returns, we cannot afford significant downside in any investments. Our risk management approach continuously monitors potential downside loss to mitigate operational and market risk.

We believe this approach enables us to differentiate Edge Fund from other venture capital investors.

Common to all investment decisions: industry leadership, broad technology moat around the core assets and known demand

Multiple Markets
& Value Creation

  • Applicability across FVEY community and broader western markets

  • Multiple paths to value creation, ideally across several industry sectors

  • Good validation from potential syndicate partners

  • Strong barriers to entry 

Technology Leadership

  • Industry or segment leader or pioneer.

  • Often Defense incubated or close Government interaction

  • Broad moat created by innovative technology

  • Strong executive and project management team 

Known Market Demand

  • Known market demand within FVEY(Government requirements)

  • Closely monitor changes in FVEY requirements and anticipate changes in technology requirements

  • Mentoring and oversight of interfacing with clients

Deal Flow

  • Proprietary deal flow increases efficiency and improves on typical VC 1% Lead-to-Deal ratio 

  • Strong post-deal support to portfolio companies

  • Market creation for post-defense use of technologies

  • Outstanding advisory board

Our Approach


We are here to assist you. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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