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Fraser Curley - Partner

Fraser has spent over 35 years in the defense, high-tech and telecoms industries, and has accrued extensive experience in a variety of international markets.



During the past 15 years he has worked in both permanent and interim CEO roles, Chief Strategy, Chief Investment, NED and shareholder advisory roles. His focus has been increasingly on turnaround situations with an emphasis on four main areas:



  • Redefining and implementing winning business strategies for sustainable growth

  • Acquiring million/billion USD finance facilities

  • Defining and communicating achievable shareholder ROI

  • Culture change and operational efficiency 



Recent long-term activities have included a shareholder advisory role on the strategic direction and investment portfolio for a large 10 billion USD family-owned conglomerate, specializing in ICT, telecom, media and satellite sectors.



Prior to being a co-founder of the EdgeFund, he spent four years in the Middle East at the region’s largest telecommunication operator group, which generates over 16 billion USD of annual revenue, of which over 5 billion USD was from the international investments under Fraser’s responsibility. He was a member of the senior executive team within the group, responsible for both group strategy and investments.


His career has also seen him in the head ICT partner role for a leading international management consulting company (Arthur D. Little), as well as playing pivotal roles in large multinational telecommunication companies such as Deutsche Telekom for over eight years, and the CEO of the Vodafone partner network in Saudi Arabia.

  • Chief Investment officer at the 11th largest telecommunication group (responsible for over 5 billion USD AUM).

  • Publicly  listed CEO turnaround role within high-tech sector (multi-billion USD annual revenue) restructuring over 4 billion of USD credit facilities.

  • Over 35 years of technology, telecoms and defense experience. Past 15 of those years have been permanent and interim CEO roles, NED and shareholder advisory.

  • Board experience include Chair, at various enterprises including publicly listed corporations (multi-billion USD annual revenue) Responsible for a 50mm USD Corporate Venture Capital arm. 

  • Currently advising on the strategic direction and investments of a 10 billion USD portfolio. 

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Education: MSc, Satellite Technology and Radar, University of London.

BSc (Hons) Applied Physics, University of Manchester


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