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Andrew Coley - Partner

Andrew has spent over 15 years in finance, power and telecoms and defense industries extensive experience in a variety of international markets. 


During the past 15 years, he has founded multiple companies managing them from inception to seed through venture stages. His focused main areas:


  • Mission execution - managing visionary founders for commercialization of their visions to actual revenue

  • Fundraising debt and equity at various stages of a company 

  • Developing new global revenue streams from original product designs

  • Ability to focus a team on project execution in complex difficult markets


He spent five years founding and incubating the first real asset company developing an innovative Energy-as-a-Service business for powering off-grid telecom networks. Two of these years he was located in South Asia’s largest market and directly executing the business plan. He oversaw the C-level executives and all field operations for the region’s largest telecom market. Andrew structured all investment agreements for multiple jurisdictions, together with developing and implementing all structured supply contracts, raising debt and equity across the capital structure to maximize investor returns from contract revenue. He managed all commercial due diligence, tax diligence and market feasibility for institutional investors.


He has extensive experience in various financial sectors, including deal origination and fundraising.  Andrew is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi  Freedom 09-10 and is a co-founder of EdgeFund.

  • Founder/CEO of a technology start-up: raised the seed round, closed the series A round (17mm USD) and was working on closing series B round (80mm USD) in equity financing. Term sheeted over 350mm USD in senior secured debt structures. 

  • Managed the CTO for project development of new technology for the telecommunications and power sector.

  • Executed and negotiated investment agreements, complex currency and multi-jurisdiction tax complications.

  • Executed over 50mm USD in bank financeable contracts

  • Executed new revenue producing agreements with no new additional R&D spend.

  • Investor relations with global blue chip asset managers and proven track record as an operating partner in portfolio companies

  • Has an extensive lending practice in real estate 

  • Created the world first climate automated market maker

Andrew Coley.png

Education: Bachelor of  Science in Finance, Pennsylvania State University


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